About Morfo New Cairo Compound

Morfo New Cairo Compound is your chance to enjoy living in a prime location without facing any traffic jams. As well as the developer company, Capital Hills Developments chose to put its foundation in a strategic site for your comfort. It also planned for the project to be divided into different parts, one for the residential buildings, including different unit types. The other part is for the different facilities that will be helpful for you and your family, so it will be easy for you to meet your needs without being needed to get out of Morfo New Cairo Compound. In addition to the other part which is for the commercial mall. Besides the economical payment plan, all these and more were added to the perfect prices.

Capital Hills Developments launched more than 70 buildings and villas in October City, Hadayk October, also Sheikh Zayed City. By using its long experience in urban development in the past years to make it a special place to be owned by its customers. In addition to cooperating with many brilliant and expert engineers to present the projects perfectly, starting with the foundations to the small details. Making its clients satisfied. Adding all these to the other commercial projects that will help several needs of the start-ups, as well as the businessmen who are looking to make their projects grow fast.

Prominent projects of Capital Hills Developments

  • La Colia Sheikh Zayed
  • East Point 1 New Cairo
  • Life Hills 6 October

Location of Morfo New Cairo Compound

The location is the first thing that attracts clients while the searching journey for their new residential destination. So that Capital Hills took notes for it to execute its brand new project, Morfo New Cairo Compound in one of the best locations in Cairo as it was established in the heart of the Fifth Settlement. To be near Golden Square and that’s made it  to be near many different ways, also many axes to be easy for everyone to get to wherever they want freely, For Example:

  • Al Ahly Sports Club is 5 minutes from Morfo New Cairo Compound.
  • New Capital is also near Morfo Fifth Settlement.
  • Al Gezera Club is also close to the project.
  • Golden Square is a few minutes from Morfo 5th Settlement.
  • Cairo International Airport is a short distance.

Area of Morfo New Cairo

choosing the land area is one of the steps that should take its time, to make sure it is a suitable space that will include all the facilities and the number of buildings the developer company intention. And that’s waht  Capital Hills Developments did, as well as it chose Morfo New Cairo Compound to be 34 acres. And it divided it into different parts, in order to give one of these parts to be ​​10 acres for the commercial mall. Also the area of ​​the compound is about 24 acres with a construction ratio of 25 %, which is 6 acres. Including buildings with variety of residential units including a ground floor + 3 typical floors.

Capital Hills Company making its best to meet the daily needs of its clients. So that it allocated a huge part in Morfo New Cairo Compound. To be for the different facilities, that will make it easy for the residents to meet their needs without being being need to get out of the compound. Besides supporting the rest of the family with the entertainment zone for all ages and different internists.

Designs of Morfo Fifth Settlement

Executing the exterior decoration of Morfo Fifth Settlement was executed according to the the latest technologies that follow international standards. As well as the engineers took care of the small details to the interior design of the interiors, besides the choice of the materials, making sure all the building against any natural factors or any climate changing. Besides adding the natural concept, as well as Capital Hills Developments added green spaces among the residential units to give the residents positive vibes and to be their view from any direction

Th developer company made it more perfect when it chose to cooperate with famous names to make sure that each inch in Morfo Fifth Settlement has the best quality. As well as these names have along experience in the engineering field, some of these names are the following:

  • Engineering Consultant by Hafez Consultancy.
  • Landscape By Oekoplan.
  • Property Management by EFS.
  • Executive Consultant by Muharram Bakhoum.

Features and Services of Morfo New Cairo

Capital Hills Developments seeks perfection in all of its projects, and this is easy to notice in its brand new residential project, Morfo New Cairo Compound. As well as it provided the residents with all they need and more, as there are variety in the facilities. Such as the basic services to give the chance for the owners to meet their needs, in addition to the entertainment activities for the satisfaction of the rest of the family. Some of these facilities are the following:

  • Large green spaces and vast landscapes, in addition to the water bodies.
  • There are also colorful and moving water fountain.
  • Private pools for ladies, also different sizes for all ages.
  • Malls including the most famous brands for shopping.
  • Sports and social club for all sports fields for practicing all kinds of activities.
  • 24/7 Maintenance Management System, also team for cleaning.
  • Area of ​​restaurants and cafes with delicious dishes for different tastes.
  • The compound also provides a gym with the latest equipment.
  • Sauna services, also a Jacuzzi, in addition to a spa for relaxation.
  • Parking area, besides car care services in Morfo New CAiro.
  • There are also places to meditate, read and breathe the fresh air.
  • Security and guarding throughout the day, besides the surveillance cameras.
  • The Compound also includes clinics and medical centers providing all specialties.
  • Pharmacy with all medical supplies, also delivery service 24/7.
  • Kids Area is secured with a number of entertainment games.
  • Each building has elevators for ease of movement between the floors.
  • Electric generators in case the power outage in Morfo New Cairo Compound.
  • Tracks for running, walking and cycling lanes, besides the quiet areas for yoga.
  • The compound also provides nurseries and international
  • Private gardens for events, barbecues and enjoying with the family. 

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Morfo New Cairo Compound?

  • Studio Space start from 35 m² with starting price of 2,250,000 EGP.
  • Residential Apartment Space start from 65 m² with starting price 3,375,000 EGP.
  • Shuffle Villa start from 185 m² wit starting price of 8,550,000 EGP.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of Morfo?

  •  5% Down Payment and The Installments Over 10 Years Equally.

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