About The Ark New Cairo

One of the latest projects at The heart of the Fifth settlement is The Ark New Cairo Project. Which has been chosen to be at this site especially to be near many different roads and the direct axes. To help owners to reach anywhere easily. The developer company chose one of the hugest land areas to include it with different types of units, as well as it is a mixed-use project. Because it has residential and investment units, it means it will be the most suitable chance for businesswomen to live and watch their business at the same time. Adding to all these advantages, the most needed demand, the diversity in spaces, and the affordable prices.

The Ark Development is one of the modern companies that has recently entered the Egyptian real estate market and aspires to create a large customer base. Obtained a large and prestigious position among the major pioneers in the field of real estate, through establishing huge projects. The company also strives with all its efforts to achieve its goals of creating integrated residential complexes that provide the basic needs of life to raise the current level of living and revitalize the Egyptian economy. Providing a decent and luxurious life for customers, although the company is newly established, it has a long history full of achievements thanks to its formation of a partnership with 3 pioneering companies in the fields of construction and reconstruction.

Prominent Projects of The Ark Development

Location of The Ark New Cairo

Location of The Ark New Cairo

Choosing the location is one of the challenges that face the developer company, as it looks forward to making its clients live their time without wasting any time in traffic jams. That’s why The Ark Development laid its foundation in the heart of New Cairo, specifically in the 90th Street area. That has five different main entrances, where there is an entrance from the 90th has two entrances from Mohamed Ismail Street. In addition to being near to Mohamed Naguib Street. Therefore, it is in the middle of the vital axes, also near important main roads, For Example:

  • Mohammed Naguib Corridor 2 minutes from The Ark New Cairo.
  • Cairo International Airport 10 minutes from the project.
  • American University is about 10 minutes away from The Ark.

Area of The Ark New Cairo

The total area of The Ark New Cairo is about 93 acres, and this was the choice of the developer company. Who put a strategic plan to make the project such a great and complete place in all aspects? Starting with planning for it to be mixed-use, as well as you can work and live in the same area. So, it divided the whole land area of the projects into different parts to make it easy for different tastes to meet their needs easily in The Ark New Cairo. The small part is for the hotel units and the investment units with different spaces, also at affordable prices.

Allocating the largest part was and brilliant idea, in which it will be easy to divide the facilities and the different services in this area. The owners need all these services to meet their needs without being needed to get out of  The Ark New Cairo. Adding to it the artificial lakes, reflecting the beauty of the greenery with its rare flowers to give all the units charming and different views from any direction.

Designs of The Ark Fifth Settlement

Payment Plan of The Ark Fifth settlement

The Ark Developments Company made a huge effort in its mixed-use project, which has the same name as the company, which is The Ark Fifth Settlement. This effort can be observed easily by looking at the exterior decoration of the whole project. As well as it has also been executed by following the international standards of foundation and construction to be against any weather changes or any natural factors that may harm the buildings. Besides using the best materials in executing the interior designs to be suitable for different tastes, besides introducing different units, For Example:

  • Duplex Administrative Offices
  • Triplex offices
  • Loft Administrative Units
  • Bridge Office
  • Private Offices
  • Penthouse Offices

Collaborating with several successful and expert engineers like, Savills who could design the buildings to be 8 m in height, and also to add 8 m between the columns. It also leads to planning for the project in the best way ever. They could add beautiful glimpse of beauty in each unit. as they planned for the facades to be panoramic glass to let the owners enjoy the full view of the water bodies reflecting the beauty of the greenery, giving charming and peaceful vibes all the time in The ark 5th Settlement.

Features and Services of The Ark New Cairo

To add more advantages to this huge project, the developer company added a variety of facilities. To make everything easy for the residents and the owners, besides the visitors. By providing The Ark New Cairo with all they need, starting from the basic services that will meet their needs. In addition to adding a variety of entertaining activities to suit all ages. For Example:

  • ATMs to facilitate banking transactions for residents.
  • A trained team of security personnel 24 hours a day.
  • Vast green spaces spread among artificial lakes in The Ark.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Unique office spaces, besides 2 high-quality hotels in The Ark.
  • urban park A central park on an area of ​​16,000 m².
  • Reception and guidance services, as well as workspace.
  • A small store, also there are outdoor selling food and drinks.
  • An area for restaurants, besides cafes in The Ark New Cairo project.
  • An equipped cinema open to green areas in The Ark New Cairo Project
  • A large commercial mall that includes all the famous brands.
  • Large electric generators support all buildings.
  • Fire system to quickly deal with fires at the beginning of their occurrence.
  • Garbage baskets, in addition to cleaning desks in all buildings of The Ark New Cairo.
  • Electric elevators in all units of The Ark Mall.
  • An integrated medical building containing various specialties to provide medical care.
  • A 24-hour pharmacy that is fully equipped with all medical supplies.
  • Private garages with a large area reaching 4 floors underground.
  • 5 meeting rooms equipped with the best presentation and audio facilities.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of The Ark New Cairo?

  • Administrative Offices spaces start from 86 m² with starting price of 9,164,000 EGP.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of The Ark?

  •  10% Down Payment and The Installments Over 7 Years, Benefits-Free.

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