About Valory New Cairo Mall

Valory New Cairo Mall is going to be the ideal investment destination on Egyptian lands, which guarantees that you will achieve unprecedented success rates. Besides the returns on your investment due to the excellence of the smallest construction details resulting from the experience of Menassat Developments. It chose the successful choice of the site in the heart of the community to harvest the largest amount of customers. It covers a large area that expanded all its plans seeking to provide the easiest management for its customers by providing all service facilities that operate on fourth-generation technologies with various types of administrative, medical, and also investment units in different spaces in Valory New Cairo Mall. And based on the finest contemporary European design with the use of the highest construction quality conforming to international specifications

Menassat Developments is considered the pioneer of the Egyptian market with every right, through offering, for more than 4 decades, global projects with a modern touch and dazzling integration with the strongest construction quality and innovation that puts you with the finest comfortable residential experiences for its sustainability and preservation of the environment, or an investment for your business that makes you gain The largest return without competition. It also distinguished itself throughout its history by its distinguished staff and strong values ​​​​that it has committed to, the most prominent of which is complete transparency with customers, putting their comfort in the first place, and its detailed study that results in meeting all the dreams of the market into a tangible reality on the ground.

Prominent projects of Menassat Developments

  • El Menassat New Capital Towers.
  • Eclipse Business New Cairo.
  • Axle New Cairo.

Location of Valory New Cairo Mall

Location of Valory Mall

One of the most asked things to be added to a project is the location, so the developer company laid its foundations of Valory New Cairo Mall in one of the most attractive locations. It is in the heart of the 5th Settlement near the diplomatic district on the Talaat Harb axis, which means it will be easy for the biggest segment of owners and their clients to reach anywhere without wasting their time in the crowd. As well as it located near the following:

  • Cairo International Airport is 10 minutes from Valory Mall.
  • Family Park is only 1 minute away from Valory Mall.
  • GUC is 2 minutes away from the mall.
  • Mohammed Naguib Corridor 2 minutes from Valory New Cairo.
  • Madinaty is 11 minutes away from Valory New Cairo.
  • Al Rehab City is about 2 minutes away from Valory Mall.
  • American University is about 10 minutes from.
  • The New Administrative Capital is a short distance.
  • Cairo Festival Mall near Valory New Cairo.

Area of Valory New Cairo

The total area of Valory New Cairo Mall has been chosen carefully by the developer company, Menassat Developments. It is 6,700 m² so it will be easy for it to divide it into different parts. Besides a facade of 170 m on the Talaat Harb axis, it exploited the smallest details to ensure The mall fulfills various needs to help businessmen manage their investments with ease, regardless of the direction of their investment. Valory New Cairo Mall was divided into 3 different buildings with a bridge of 3 m. Besides including it with

2 basements and spacious garages, with a low ground floor and a high floor, in addition to the first floor + three typical floors, 18 m high, for the entire mall. The layout of the floors made it included various types of units, such as stores. Commercial and administrative offices, as well as medical clinics of different spaces. To suit all ownership needs, all of which operate with integrated and advanced facilities in 4G technology.

Design of Valory 5th Settlement Mall

Valory By Menassat developments

The achievements of Menassat Developments Company continued during its founding journey for Valory New Cairo. Choosing charming contemporary designs that catch all the attention of those who pass by this exceptional edifice, increases customer rates for it. Therefore, the company cooperated with the largest international companies. Which specializes in engineering consulting and management, especially designs, to result in an ideal investment image free of any defects.

The external facades of the mall through shock- and noise-resistant glass. That allows a view of the landscape that increases enjoyment and productive energy with the luxurious decorations inside for its various parts, especially the various investment units. In addition to its interest in designing the mall’s internal space in a way that facilitates movement through 8 fast panoramic elevators. There are also 2 stairs with 5 different entrances to the mall and electronic gates that increase the safety levels, which came at the forefront of the company’s concerns during the inauguration trip, which was demonstrated by the quality of construction that conforms to international standards.

Features and Services of Valory New Cairo Mall

In Valory New Cairo Mall there are a variety of facilities that will serve the biggest segment of owners and their clients. That was added by the developer company, Menassat Developments, which added activities to be suitable for all ages, For Example:

  • Many garages, besides car care service.
  • A view of green spaces surrounds the whole area.
  • More than ATM for each Bank making it easier for customers.
  • Co-working Spaces, besides the fastest free internet.
  • Mosques for men and women in the mall.
  • Professional security team, besides the Cameras for safety.
  • Area for Restaurants and also cafes in Valory New Cairo.
  • Electronic gates for more security in Valory Mall.
  • Pharmacies working 24/7, besides the delivery service.
  • Firefighting systems in all the units of Valory New Cairo Mall.
  • More than a panoramic entrance in the mall.
  • All services are provided with 4G technology.
  • Central Air conditioning, also elevators.
  • Glass against shocks, also resistant to noise.
  • Rest rooms for ladies, and also for men in Valory Fifth Settlement.
  • Outdoor areas to work beside nature view.
  • Cleaning teams, in addition to teams for maintenance.
  • Highest quality materials in foundations.
  • Easy transportation, besides tracks for the handicapped.
  • Meeting rooms provided by sound and light systems.
  • Reception area for visitors to guide them.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Valory New Cairo Mall?

  • Shops with spaces starting from 30 m², prices starting at 5,500,000 EGP.
  • Offices with areas starting from 35 m² and also at priced at 3,500,000 EGP.
  • Clinics with spaces starting from 35 m²,  prices starting at 3,500,000 EGP.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of Valory Mall?

  •  10% Down Payment With Equal Installments Over 7 Years.

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