SED Developers

Jayd New Cairo Prices from 5,072,000 EGP
0% Down payment 7 Years Installment Space 149
Arabesque Compound Prices from 33,000 EGP
10% Down payment 7 Years Installment Space 130
New Fustat Prices from 33,000 EGP
10% Down payment 7 Years Installment Space 130

SED Developers

SED Developers is the short name of Saudi Egyptian Developers, the company has a long story and many successes in real estate since its establishment in 1975. Which is a joint partnership between the Saudi and Egyptian Governments. SED focused on developing and creating a breakthrough destination in its projects by adding creative solutions to be on the same track it started. Creating communities keeps up with the future by recording a huge number of 24,000 residential units for 114,000 individuals. As well as, SED Group has a portfolio of projects over 50 residential, besides towers, as well as mixed-use projects.

Saudi Egyptian Developers Group is going to have a future full of investment and developments carrying the best to its clients. The past 45 Years of hard work of the company made it own a legacy. In addition to establishing iconic towers equally Owned by Saudi Arabia & Egyptian governments with better value across different product categories and high quality, besides credibility to deliver its projects on time without any delay as it contacted its beloved clients.

The vision of SED Developers Group

The company always seeks to become a leading company among the other competitors in the same field of real estate. Developing projects has a purpose for the Egyptian people not to be just a business or to be just a cement house. It is looking forward to giving all its clients the best qualities in all aspects for a better life with a brighter future.

The mission of SED Developers Group

Keeping pace with international standards is the main element the company is working on. To grow interest in their company by a broader range of clients, as well as build upon their clients’ continued trust and loyalty through what they offer to them all the time.

Prominent Projects of Saudi Egyptian Developers

  • Evergreen Tower.
  • Al Riyad Tower project.
  • Sama El Maadi Towers.
  • Jeddah Tower Zamalek.
  • Riyad El Maadi Tower.
  • Gezira Tower.
  • El Estad El Bahary Building.
  • Zahret Al Maadi.

Bleu Vert New Capital Compound

  • Located on the Mohammed bin Zayed axis.
  • It has the largest possible area of ​​about 70 acres.
  • It also has the best-integrated services in the region to satisfy customers.
  • In addition to its design based on the latest luxurious international urban designs.

The Latin District New Alamein

  • The project also has a distinctive view of the turquoise waters.
  • It also comes with designs that express luxury.
  • In addition to the best cash facilities in the Mediterranean.

Jayd Fifth District

  • Located in the heart of New Cairo.
  • Which makes it close to the most important roads such as the Suez Road.
  • It also occupies an area estimated at about 70 acres.
  • In addition, it comes in 5 different designs in order to satisfy all tastes and make every owner feel special.
  • It consists of 120 buildings, besides 1,900 luxury residential units.

Sawary Compound in Alexandria

  • It is located on a huge area of ​​417 acres.
  • This makes it the largest and most distinguished of its kind in Alexandria.
  • It is also close to the most important vital spots, such as Burj Al Arab Airport.