About New Fustat Compound

New Fustat Compound has been launched in one of the best locations in old Cairo where you will enjoy many advantages. Starting from the premium location that will let you get to any destination easily without spending a long time in traffic. Besides choosing a massive land area in Fustat City to include with variety of facilities to serve you with all basic services and entertainment activities for both genders at all ages. allocating another area for the residential buildings to be secured and a private area for the residents. SED the developer company put a huge effort into designing New Fustat in this classic way by cooperating with several professional engineers. All these and more were added to the suitable packages of prices and spaces at a perfect payment plan with a low-cost down payment, also a long-term installment without any benefits.

SED: Saudi Egyptian developers have been a leading name in the Egyptian real estate market since its establishment in 1975. It has extensive experience in the field among major real estate companies. It has also obtained a good reputation and a pioneering and brilliant name that has made it one of the most prestigious companies in Egypt. SED is also the company It is the result of cooperation between the Egyptian government and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a huge capital amounting to approximately 1.9 billion Egyptian pounds. It also succeeded in delivering about 24,000 residential units and 114,000 independent units. It also succeeded in establishing 7 projects in Egypt, including 4 of them last year.

Prominent projects of SED Developers

  • Bleu Vert New Capital
  • Jayd New Cairo
  • The Latin District New Alamein

Location of New Fustat

Location of New Fustat Compound

The developer company, SED Developers chose one of the most premium locations in Egypt to establish its brand new residential project, New Fustat Compound. Which is located in front of Magra El Oyoun aqueduct in a direct view of Salah Salem St. To be near many different axes and roads for the easiest mobility for residents, For Example:

  • El Gayara area is near the compound.
  • Magra El Oyoun aqueduct.
  • Ain El Serra is in the right for New Fustat.
  • Mohamed Al Mosque is a few minutes from the compound.
  • Salah Salem Street is in a short distance.
  • Muhammad Ali’s Castle is also near the compound.

Area of New Fustat Compound

The total area of  Fustat City is 950 acres, giving 71 acres to New Fustat Compound could be divided into two parts, the biggest part which is about 16 acres for the facilities includes the different needs of residents, starting from the basic services to the entertainment such as, cinemas, theaters, besides the commercial shops, and sporting activities for the rest of the family to practice their hobbies without the need to get out of the compound. As well as the developer company also added to the same area a lot of green spaces and water bodies to give all the units special and charming views from any unit.

The other part is allocated to be for the residential units which are 79 building with 1924 apartments, also the project is divided into 4 residential areas one of which includes a ground floor and 3 typical floors, besides ground floor with 4 typical floors, also 6 typical floors, in addition to a ground floor with 7 typical floors. Each building has elevators to make it easy for residents. We are adding commercial shops for each building and garage with security for more safety.

Designs of Arabesque Compound

Apartments For sale in Arabesque

Choosing the classic style is one of the ideas of the developer company, SED Developers. And that’s because of the compound’ name Fustat, which means in the Arab language the great tint that includes the huge space and great position. So the company cooperated with several numbers of professional engineers to execute this plan most finely, by using their long experience in this field.

These engineers know well the importance of using high-end materials, which are used for making all buildings against any natural factors. Besides working according the international standards applying it in all the interior and exterior finishing of New Fustat. Where you will notice the combination of the classic style with the modern design of the natural view, as the water bodies reflect the colors of the flowers and green trees all over the compound.

Features and Services of New Fustat

SED Developers is a company that has a lot of advantages that it presents to its clients in different ways. This especially shows in choosing a specific area that is allocated to include diversity in facilities to meet all residents’ needs without getting out of the compound. Starting from the basic services, and daily needs, as well as the entertainment and sporting activities, For Example:

  • Electronic gates, besides Security men for more safety.
  • Vast Landscapes, and green areas, besides the artificial lakes
  • Gym also Spa with a beautiful view over the green spaces.
  • Sports Clubs and also Social Clubs for different internists.
  • Swimming pools for different ages in addition to Private pool guard.
  • Running, walking, also cycling lanes.
  • Restaurants and cafes in the compound.
  • Bus service with schedules in the compound
  • Private garages for all units of the compound.
  • More than ATM for each Bank in New Fustat.
  • Mosques for men and Women.
  • Nurseries guarantee the highest educational level
  • Schools for all ages in New Fustat.
  • Commercial malls and shops.
  • Car Care cleaning service in New Fustat Compound.
  • Maintenance, also cleaning teams.
  • Surveillance cameras for more safety in the compound 24/7.
  • Providing delivery for all the services of the compound.
  • Firefighting system to detect any fumes.
  • Renewable energy sources, besides the Recycling garbage pipes.
  • Customer Service to assist the residents in New Fustat Compound.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of New Fustat Compound?

  • Apartment spaces start from 130 m² With a starting Price of 33,000 EGP Per Meter.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of New Fustat?

  • 10% Down Payment and The Installments Over 7 Years, Benefits-Free.

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