About Arabesque Compound

Arabesque Compound gives many clients the ability to enjoy its prime location which is in important landmarks in Cairo, especially in old Cairo. To be near many vital areas which facilitates access to customers without long distances. The developer company, SED Developers is also interested in offering a wide range of services and various entertainment activities, besides public facilities with distinct techniques to provide all the daily needs of the owners. In addition, the company seeks to provide its clients with a variety of packages of residential apartments with different spaces. start booking one of these units at a low-cost down payment, besides long-term installments, also benefits-free.

1975 was the first step of SED Developers after its long experience in the real estate field. The company has a diversity of projects in tourism, also property, in addition to its cooperation with the Egyptian government, also in KSA with a capital of about 1.9 billion EGP. During which it was able to deliver a huge percentage of about 24,000 luxury housing units and 114 thousand standalone units with the finest designs in addition to its success in launching about 7 new projects that are currently under construction within the borders of the Republic of Egypt Arabic including 4 projects in the past year.

Prominent projects of SED Developers

  •  The Latin District Alamein
  • Blue Vert Compound
  • Jayd New Cairo Compound

Location of Arabesque Compound

Location of New Fustat Compound

Arabesque Compound has one of the premium locations in old Cairo which is located in the heart of Fustat City. Choosing this prime location came after a long period of planning by the developer company, SED Developers. Which insisted on laying its foundations in this area especially, as it is near many vital roads and famous places which are the most visited by a huge number of people. In addition, it is easy for all residents and visitors to reach their destinations without spending a long time in the crowds. Some of these places are the following:

  • Ain Al Serra is near Arabesque Compound.
  • El Gayara, also The Castle are near the compound.
  • Mohamed Ali Mosque is a short distance from Arabesque.
  • Salah Salem Road is a few minutes away.

Area of Arabesque Compound

SED Developers established Arabesque Compound on a huge land area to include all services and public facilities, as well as various recreational activities that suit everyone’s needs. In addition to the availability of a large package of diverse residential units in two areas and at distinct prices. To suit the needs of those wishing to own property in Arabesque Compound was implemented on an area of ​​approximately 71 acres out of the total area of ​​Fustat City, which is approximately 950 acres. There 16 acres were also allocated for the entertainment area including open-air theaters, area cinemas, commercial malls, and shops. The rest of the total area is for the buildings that contain a variety of residential units of various spaces.

Therefore, the compound includes approximately 79 residential buildings with 1,924 apartments. The project is also divided into 4 residential areas, including an area with a ground floor + 3 typical floors, a ground floor + 4 typical floors, a ground floor + 6 typical floors, and there are also areas in it. Ground floor + 7 upper floors. Each building includes electric elevators to facilitate movement for everyone, and each floor also has 4 residential apartments. Each area also has a service area, shops, and a garage secured with international technologies.

Designs of New Fustat – SED Developers

New Fustat Compound

The developer company, SED Developers launched its latest projects with the latest modern designs for its latest residential project, Arabesque Compound. To appear in a distinctive architectural image in the classic style. Therefore, the best engineering plans and modern construction strategies follow international standards. The project was established through the latest innovative and advanced methods to suit the different tastes of customers.

The interior decoration of the residential apartments in Arabesque Compound was also designed with the best finishing works and engineering decorations to be consistent with the exterior aspects of the compound. Using the finest building materials that comply with engineering rules and laws, and was the company’s keenness for the buildings to be resistant to all factors of erosion and disasters. Due to the company’s great keenness to have the project designed by a large group of experts and engineers in the field of engineering consulting, it to benefit from all their experiences and show the compound with the best classic architectural images.

Services of Arabesque Compound

Arabesque is one of the compounds that will make its owners enjoy their home time, as they will enjoy all the services and activities that the developer company, SED Developers added to the compound. Making it such as complete city in all aspects, by staffing different tastes and both genders, in addition to all ages. Some of these services and activities are the following:

  • Swimming pools for different ages in addition to Private pool guard.
  • Running, walking, also cycling lanes.
  • Restaurants and cafes in Arabesque Compound.
  • Bus service with schedules in Arabesque.
  • Electronic gates, besides Security men for your safety.
  • Vast Landscapes, and green areas, besides the artificial lakes
  • Gym also Spa with a beautiful view over the green spaces.
  • Sports Clubs and also Social Clubs for different internists.
  • Private garages for all units of the compound.
  • More than ATM for each Bank in Arabesque.
  • Mosques for men and Women.
  • Nurseries guarantee the highest educational level
  • Schools for all ages in Arabesque Compound.
  • Commercial malls and famous brands.
  • Providing delivery for all the services of the compound.
  • Systems for firefighting in case any fumes are detected.
  • Renewable energy sources, besides the Recycling garbage pipes.
  • Customer Service to assist the residents.
  • Car Care cleaning service in Arabesque.
  • Maintenance, also cleaning teams.
  • Surveillance cameras for more safety in the compound 24/7.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Arabesque Compound?

  • Apartment spaces start from 130 m² With a starting Price of 33,000 EGP Per Meter.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment of Arabesque Compound?

  • 10% Down Payment and The Installments Over 7 Years, Benefits-Free.

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