About Azzar New Cairo Compound

Azzar New Cairo Compound, Azzar New Cairo, is the strongest work of the Ready Group Real Estate Development Company in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in Golden Square, ensuring ease of movement and keeping pace with the rest of the unique construction stages that make you feel comfortable over time, as the company made a dedicated effort to integrate the various needs of its residents, such as services and activities that follow the latest International technologies make it easy to meet your various requirements, and the standards have continued to distinguish this edifice and make it the ideal destination for ownership through its large area, most of which is devoted to the comprehensive aesthetic aspect, and the various plantings reflected on the Crystal Lagoon, appearing as a charming view of various units with European design and the highest safety standards

Reedy Group is considered the largest Egyptian real estate entity with countless experiences spanning more than 78 years, It is distinguished by its integration due to its involvement in various urban fields, which has made its projects self-sufficient in the various stages of its establishment, which appear in an integrated manner and follow the latest international standards due to their periodic keeping up. For global markets, this comes with its long-standing values, which are commitment to family values ​​and the use of the finest construction materials, with detailed study to meet all market needs and other things that contribute to the constant comfort of its customers, which is its ideal goal to continue. All of this has made it the ideal leading developer for successful ownership on the global level. And it is not just the local one, which is specific to the Arab Gulf countries.

Prominent projects of Reedy Group

  • Dijar New Cairo
  • Azzar North Coast
  • Major real estate business in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Location of Azzar New Cairo Compound

Location of Azzar New Cairo

At the forefront of Reedy Group’s concerns during its distinguished journey to establish the Azzar New Cairo Compound was choosing a strategic land spot located in the most important new Egyptian cities that is characterized by sophistication and distance from any factors of noise and congestion, in addition to being close to the most important landmarks. And also the main roads will make it easier for owners to move around without facing difficulties or delays. Therefore, the company was chosen after a detailed study on an ideal plot of land located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, specifically in the Golden Square area, thus making it close to the following main landmarks and axes as the following:

  • Mohammed Naguib Corridor 2 minutes away.
  • Madinaty is 11 minutes away from the compound.
  • Cairo International Airport 10 minutes from Azzar Fifth Settlement Compound.
  • Family Park is only 1 minute from the Azzar Compound.
  • Al Rehab City is about 2 minutes away.
  • American University is about 10 minutes away.
  • The New Administrative Capital is a short distance from the compound.
  • Cairo Festival Mall near Azzar Fifth Settlement.

Area of Azzar New Cairo

The developer company is keen on choosing the largest possible land area to be the destination of the Azzar New Cairo Compound and to ensure that it appears with the best-integrated images that include the various needs of those living in it to save them the effort of going out to obtain their needs, so the company chose a plot of land. Its area ranges from about 25 acres, which it exploited to the maximum extent, making all the clients’ dreams of housing a tangible reality on the ground.

The company also succeeded in successfully dividing this area, represented by 20% for various residential units, provided to you with varying sizes suitable for various housing needs, and the remaining part was about 80% to be occupied by the landscape, whose colors are reflected in the sparkling crystal lagoon, and integrated parks with various entertainment activities that operate. According to the latest international standards, in addition to allocating large areas for service facilities that complement all your needs and make it easy for you to obtain them because they work on fourth-generation technologies.

Designs of Azzar Fifth Settlement Compound

Payment Plan of Azzar New Cairo Compound

Reedy Group continued during its journey to establish the Azzar Fifth settlement Compound, which made it provide it in an imaginative way that blends global urban strategies with a modern European character suitable for various customer tastes, which resulted in all units appearing with a luxurious, harmonious design between exterior appearance and interior decoration.

The company was interested in designing the compound in the most secure ways by achieving the highest levels of privacy in all units while using the highest quality materials in construction work, which in turn resist various factors of weather erosion and earthquakes without any impact. The company was also keen to design it in a way that gives a feeling of relaxation over time. Through the penetration of green plants and rare flowers throughout, with their reflection in artificial lakes with turquoise water that enchant the eyes and overlooked by all units.

Features and Services of Azzar New Cairo

The developer company of Azzar New Cairo Compound put huge effort in making all its clients satisfied. By providing them with different facilities such as the basic services, besides the entertainment activities for the rest of the family as the following:

  • Different sizes of swimming pools for all ages and ladies.
  • Water bodies that reflect the beauty of green spaces.
  • The fastest Internet services in all the units of Azzar Fifth Settlement.
  • Famous restaurants, also coffee shops with the highest qualities.
  • Electronic gates for more security in Azzar New Cairo.
  • Extensive spaces for garages, also car care services.
  • Outdoor areas for events and all ceremonies.
  • Playgrounds, also stadiums for different sports.
  • Security team, besides CCTV cameras 24/7.
  • For Each bank there are more than ATMs.
  • Commercial malls, as well as the famous brands’ stores.
  • Medical center, besides Pharmacies with 24/7 service.
  • Firefighting systems to detect fumes, besides the generators.
  • For handicapped there are all transportation facilities.
  • Meditation Area for yoga, besides relaxation area for quiet reading.
  • Cycling Lanes, in addition to tracks for walking.
  • Many Kids’ areas suiting different tastes provided with safety.
  • Gym, and spa services in the highest qualities.
  • Professional team for maintenance, besides the cleaning team.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Azzar New Cairo?

  • Standalone villa space start from 495 m², priced at 45,000,000 EGP.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of Azzar New Cairo?

  •  15% Down Payment and The Installments Over 6 Years, Benefits-Free.

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