About Cattleya New Cairo Compound

Cattleya New Cairo Compound is a new meaning of residential projects for what it provides you with. Starting from the prime location, the developer company, Arabco Developments, chose it to be in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in the Golden Square. To be near many axes and roads to save your time while you are trying to go to any destination. In addition to the perfect land area that was divided into two parts, the smallest space for the residential buildings as well as the biggest space was given to the services and activities to meet all owners’ needs without having to get out of Cattleya New Cairo Compound. All these and more were added to the package of prices and spaces that will suit the different financial statuses of clients, besides the payment plan with a low cost of the down payment and the long-term installments without benefits.

Arabco Developments is one of the most important and largest real estate companies not only in the Arab Republic of Egypt. but also in the entire Arab world. The company has a tremendous history of more than 30 years in Dubai as a major contractor. The company also delivered 350 projects in the UAE In addition, 50 projects were delivered in the Arab Republic of Egypt. So the company received a good reputation and a leading name in the Egyptian market due to its history, experience, and successes in the real estate market.

Prominent projects of Arabco Developments

  • Livelli New Cairo Mall.
  • Many Projects in UAE.
  • Different Projects in Al Rehab City.

Location of Cattleya New Cairo Compound

Location of Cattleya New Cairo Compound

Cattleya New Cairo is one of the residential compounds that made it easy for its residents to enjoy the easiest mobility. Because of its prime location, the company chose, the heart of the Fifth Settlement in Golden Square. It is easy for everyone to get to any destination without wasting any time. This premium location puts the compound is a site near many different axes and vital roads, For Example:

  • AUC is near Cattleya New Cairo Compound.
  • 90 St is only 5 KM from the compound.
  • Suez Road is 5 minutes away from Cattleya.
  • The International Airport of Cairo is a few minutes away.
  • Near Wadi Degla Club, also Platinum Club.

Area of Cattleya New Cairo Compound

The total area of Cattleya New Cairo is about 8 acres, which helped the developer company to put s strategic and strict plan for the whole plan of the compound. Where it could divide the whole area into two parts, to make each part separate from the other, also each part will serve you differently. The first part with the biggest spaces is allocated for the services and facilities that will make the accommodation of the residents more easy, besides the sporting and entertainment activities. Adding the green spaces and water bodies to the same is to be the view of all the residential units.

The residential units in Cattleya Fifth Settlement have another part with the smallest spaces of the total area of the compound. Where the developer company allocated this spot to be away from any noises and to be safe and enjoy privacy away from any activities by adding green spaces among all the buildings. There are a variety of unit types to make it easy for all clients to find their favorite unit without spending a long time searching for their future home. In addition to the diversity in spaces and prices.

Designs of Cattleya Fifth Settlement arabco Developments

Total area and Design of Cattleya New Cairo Compound

Cattleya New Cairo is one of the residential projects that was established in the best way ever. Applying all the international standards for interior and exterior decorations against any natural factors, besides weather changes thus may harm the buildings. So Arabco Developments made huge efforts to provide the compound with all aspects to be the most attractive destination for a huge segment of clients.

Cooperating with several expert engineers is one of the reasons that made the compound look perfect. The developer company made this decision after a long time of strategic planning for the whole compound of Cattleya New Cairo to be in the finest way. As well as it also used the long experience of these engineers to create a  charming view to surround all the residential units from all directions. Enjoy your time over the greenery and water lakes thus will give you calm and comfortable vibes.

Features and Services of Cattleya New Cairo

Arabco Developments has been working hard to make all its clients enjoy the highest qualities in all aspects. So that it provided Cattleya New Cairo Compound with all the services thus will make it easy for residents to meet their daily needs, besides the entertainment activities, as well as not have to get out of the compound, For Example:

  • Electronic gates, besides Security men for more safety.
  • Vast Landscapes, and green areas, besides the artificial lakes
  • Gym also Spa with a beautiful view over the green spaces.
  • Sports Clubs, also Social Clubs for different internists.
  • Swimming pools for different ages in addition to Private pool guard.
  • Running, walking, also cycling lanes.
  • Restaurants and cafes in Cattleya New Cairo.
  • Bus service with schedules in the compound
  • Private garages for all units of the compound.
  • More than ATM for each Bank in Cattleya New Cairo Compound.
  • Mosques for men and Women.
  • Nurseries guarantee the highest educational level
  • Schools for all ages in Cattleya New Cairo Compound.
  • Commercial malls and shops.
  • Car Care cleaning service in Cattleya Compound.
  • Maintenance, also cleaning teams.
  • Surveillance cameras for more safety in the compound 24/7.
  • Providing delivery for all the services of the compound.
  • Systems for firefighting in case any fumes are detected.
  • Renewable energy sources, in addition to Recycling garbage pipes.
  • Customer Service to assist the residents in Cattleya New Cairo Compound.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Cattleya New Cairo?

Apartments space starts from 78 m² with a garden of 11 m², priced at 5.700,000 EGP.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of Cattleya?

  • 0% Down Payment and The Installments Over 8 Years, Benefits-Free.

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