About Garnet Residence New Cairo Compound

Garnet Residence New Cairo Compound is a new meaning of the residential projects in Egypt, especially in the Fifth Settlement, where the developer company chose it to be. To be near the most visited places, you should also be near many roads and vital axes for the easiest mobility. Choosing the area of the compound is one of the basic elements, thus helping Jadder Group. To provide its clients with a variety of facilities and the most needed services, it didn’t forget the rest of the family, who like to practice different sports and enjoy their time, so the owner company supported them with a variety of entertainment activities. As well, it made this area away from the residential buildings a safe and private spot for the owners. This area has a diversity of spaces and prices that make it a suitable choice for the largest segment of clients.

Jadeer Group has had a leading position in the field since its establishment in 2006 due to its unique successes in construction and changing real estate methods from its traditional forms to an international position. That guarantees permanent customer satisfaction, which is its ultimate goal of continuity. In addition to the company’s keenness to leave an exceptional imprint that guarantees the best future for all generations. This made it choose very carefully the smallest details in its work and use quality that matches international specifications while providing more than the market’s dreams. Making it the best destination for the largest segment of customers and gaining their trust for a relationship of integrity and commitment.

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Location of Garnet Residence New Cairo Compound

The location is the first thing that attracts clients while they searching journey for their new residential destination. So Jadeer took notes for it to execute its brand new project, Garnet Residence New Cairo Compound in one of the best locations in Cairo as it was established in the heart of the Fifth Settlement In Front of Maxim Mall, Between Villar Compound and Sodic Kattameya Compound. and that’s made it  to be near many different ways, also many axes to be easy for everyone to get to wherever they want freely, For Example:

  • AUC is a few minutes away from Garnet Residence.
  • S Teseen Street, also N Teseen Street.
  • A short distance from Golden Square.
  • Slose to Ring Road, Near Suez Road, Al Rehab, also Al Shorouk City.
  • Near Cairo International Airport.
  • Mohamed Naguib Corridor close to Garnet Compound.
  • CFC Mall is a few minutes away from the compound.

Area of Garnet Residence New Cairo Compound

Garnet Residence Compound has one of the biggest land areas in New Cairo which is about 13 acres. It is easy for the developer company to divide it into two parts to provide residents with all their needs. As it put a strategic plan to make it a much complete city, by giving the bigger part to the services area to could add all residents needs in one place. Starting from the basic services to the entertainment activities for the rest of the family.

In addition to giving the rest of the compound space with the smaller space to the buildings. This area has variety in unit types, as Jadeer Group planned to add many different spaces as well to make it the most suitable chance for all clients who want to own their new residential unit in one of the most prime locations in the fifth Settlement.

Designs of Garnet Fifth Settlement Compound

Prices and Spaces of Garnet Residence Compound

It is easy to notice the hard work that was made in Garnet Residence Compound, as the owner company, Jadeer Group made efforts to make the compound look more than perfect. starting from choosing the land area that will be a suitable place to grow green spaces that will the view of all the residential units, in addition to adding different spaces of water bodies to reflect the charming beauty of the rare flowers, thus giving calm and peaceful vibes.

So Jadeer Group cooperated with several engineers to execute Garnet Residence New Cairo Compound. To benefit from their long experience in this field to finish all the residential units in the finest designs using high-end materials thus following the international standards. To be against any natural factors and weather changes they used marble Finishing for the Stairs and Entrance. The owner company also used the fourth generation to make it more than suitable for different customers’ tastes.

Features and Services of Garnet Residence New Cairo

Jadeer Group is doing its best in developing all of its projects, especially its brand new residential project, Garnet Residence New Cairo Compound. The place where you will find all you dreamed of and more. as the developer company founded it on a strong basis to help clients who want to own their new apartment that includes all services in one place. Therefore there are different facilities and the most needed services, in addition to the entertainment activities for the rest of the family to not have to get out of the compound to practice their hobbies. as the compound has all the activities and sports spots, For Example:

  • Vast green spaces, beside the water bodies.
  • Pools for all ages with different sizes, and ladies there are private pools.
  • Fast Internet services in all the units of the compound.
  • Restaurants, as well as coffee shops for different tastes.
  • Electronic gates for more security in Garnet 5th Settlement.
  • Extensive garages, also car care service.
  • Outdoor areas for BBQs and parties with family and friends.
  • Playgrounds for different sports and stadiums.
  • Security team, besides CCTV cameras around the clock.
  • For each bank there are ATMs to make it easy for residents.
  • Commercial malls, besides the famous brands’ stores.
  • Medical centers, besides Pharmacies with 24/7 service.
  • Generators in case the power is cut, as well as Firefighting systems.
  • Tracks and transportation for the handicapped.
  • Yoga area, also relaxation area for quiet reading among greenery.
  • Cycling Lanes, also Tracks for walking in Garnet Residence.
  • Materials with high-quality foundations and construction.
  • Many games for different ages in the Safe Kids’ Area.
  • Gym with The highest quality equipment, besides the spa services.
  • Cleaning team, also professional teams for maintenance.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Garnet Residence New Cairo Compound?

  • Apartments Spaces start From 79 m², Prices Starting At 4,240,000 EGP.


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What Are The Payment and Installment Systems of Garnet Compound?

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