About Nurai New Cairo Compound

Nurai New Cairo Compound is breath breathtaking project, as you are going to enjoy every moment over the water features that reflect the beauty of green spaces. To give you a different vibe away from the city and its crowds. As well as the developer company, Mercon Developments chose Golden Square to be the location of the project, to be easy for you to reach anywhere without facing any problems. It also chose it to be executed on one of the biggest land areas, to divide it into different parts, giving the largest part to the facilities that will serve you all the time. also, the other part is for the residential units, adding to it a variety of unit types, besides diversity of spaces, in addition to the affordable prices.

Mercon Developments started its journey in the Egyptian real estate market 15 years ago. Over that period it has been able to implement many works that have created a large segment of clients, as its work has diversified between residential, commercial, and administrative projects, and at the same time,e it seeks to apply the best standards in implementing projects, which made it one of the best real estate companies in Egypt.

Prominent projects of Mercon Developments

  • G7 New Cairo Mall
  • Pavo Tower New Capital Mall.

Location of Nurai New Cairo

Location of Nurai New Cairo Compound

Golden Square is going to be your next residential destination, as it is where the developer company, Mercon Developments put the foundation of Nurai New Cairo. Making it easy for the residents to get to any destination without taking a long time driving. As well as it is also near many different places, besides the main roads and direct axes, For Example:

  • Ring Road is near Nurai New Cairo.
  • AUC and GUC are Near the compound.
  • Cairo International Airport is a short distance from Nurai.
  • Also Nasr City is close to Nurai Fifth Settlement Compound.
  • The compound is near Mohamed Naguib Corridor.

Total Area of Nurai New Cairo Compound

You are going to find the residential unit that suits you and your family in Nurai New Cairo Compound. As well as Mercon Developments also chose one of the biggest land areas in the heart of the Fifth Settlement to make the choice easier for its clients, especially for those who are looking forward to living in a luxurious house. As well The developer company allocated a huge part for the residential units, so you can enjoy privacy and quietness all the time. Providing this area with a variety of unit types, also different spaces, in addition to affordable prices, makes it easy for anyone to own his dream house without facing any financial problems.

Allocating another part for these facilities was a great decision, to be away from the residential area. But the same time, it will be easy for owners to get what they need without being needed to get out of Nurai New Cairo Compound. This area will be the favorite place for their you and your family. Because of being easy for them to practice their favorite hobbies in the entertainment area. all these and more were added to the charming beauty of the view that surround the whole area of the compound, with the artificial lakes that reflect the beautiful colors of the trees and the flowers.

Designs of Nurai 5th Settlement Compound

Executing the compound following the international standards is one of the  main things the developer company worked on . Making it the place where you can enjoy privacy and comfort, in addition to safety. As well as the developer company made it differently to make it the favorite place for you a after long day. So it worked hard with its professional engineers to merge the exterior decorations with the comfy interiors. By choosing the best colors and finishing materials. Besides using the best materials of foundations. To be weathering resistance, also against any natural factors that may harm the buildings of the compound.

Mercon Developments has its different point of view while executing its projects. Which it shows clearly in Nurai Fifth settlement compound. As well as it made it the place were you can live and enjoy each moment in watch nature views. The compound has all the elements of being an Eco-friendly, as it has little or no damaging effect on the environment.

Features and Services of Nurai New Cairo Compound

The small details of any are the things that make any project perfect. So that the developer company paid attention for each feature it adds in Nurai New Cairo compound. As well as it supported all ages with entertainment activities to be their favorite place. Besides Adding all you are going to need, so you won’t be have to get out of the compound to find one of the following:

  • Large green spaces and vast landscapes, in addition to the water bodies.
  • There are also colorful and moving water fountain.
  • Private pools for ladies, also different sizes for all ages.
  • Malls including the most famous brands for shopping.
  • Sports and social club that provides sports fields for all kinds of activities.
  • 24/7 Maintenance Management System, also team for cleaning.
  • Area of ​​restaurants and cafes with delicious dishes for different tastes.
  • The compound also provides a gym with the latest equipment.
  • Sauna services, also a Jacuzzi, in addition to a spa for relaxation.
  • Parking area, besides car care services in Nurai New Cairo.
  • There are also places to meditate, read and breathe the fresh air.
  • Security and guarding throughout the day, besides the surveillance cameras.
  • The Compound also includes clinics and medical centers providing all specialties.
  • Pharmacy with all medical supplies, also delivery service.
  • Kids Area is secured with a number of entertainment games.
  • Each building has elevators for ease of movement between the floors.
  • Electric generators in case the power outage in the compound.
  • Tracks for running, walking and cycling lanes, besides the quiet areas for yoga.
  • The compound also provides nurseries and international
  • Private gardens for events, barbecues and enjoying with the family. 

What Are The Prices and Spaces of Nurai New Cairo Compound?

  • Apartments spaces starting from 80 m².


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What Are The Payment and Installment Systems of Nurai New Cairo?

  • 10% Down Payment with Installments Over 7 Years, Benefits-Free.

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