About Zed East New Cairo Compound

Zed East New Cairo Compound is one of the great and huge residential projects that has been established by Ora for development. This could make it the most attractive destination for different clients, especially for those who are looking forward to living in a vital spot. As well as the company put a plan for making it located in a strategic location making it easy for residents to get to any destination without wasting their time. Besides choosing to lay its foundation on a huge land area it could divide it into two different parts to meet everyone’s needs. Zed East New Cairo is where you are going to enjoy greenery and sustainable life, besides many water features you as your view from in direction.

Ora Developers comes as one of the largest real estate entities in the world that has a strong imprint in the form of residential, investment, and coastal real estate. Through this it has borrowed the traditional form of urbanization to the highest levels, providing unprecedented comfort standards for its customers. Since its founding, it has also been keen to move on an accelerated path. Towards the summit with all due respect based on its philosophy of constant innovation and keeping pace with international urban methods to ensure the uniqueness of its work and provide sustainable communities that preserve the environment and different lifestyles that have made it the ideal destination for ownership without dispute.

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Location of  Zed East New Cairo

Location of Zed East New Cairo

ORA Developers is always interested in choosing the location of all of its projects, especially Zed East New Cairo Compound. To be in the most privileged and strategic location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, specifically on 90th Street. This means it will be near many different roads and the most direct axes to be easy for residents to get to anywhere without taking a long time. Some of these places are the following:

  • AUC is 10 minutes away.
  • Cairo International Airport is 10 minutes away from the compound.
  • Nasr City and Heliopolis, are minutes away from the Zed East.
  • Middle Ring Road is a short distance from Zed East New Cairo
  • El Patio ORO New Cairo Compound.
  • Hyde Park New Cairo.

Area of Zed East New Cairo Compound

Ora Developers chose the total area of Zed East New Cairo, as it was keen to choose a large land area for the compound to include a different requirement of the residents. The choice fell on a land area of 420 acres, allocating 200 acres of the total space for green spaces, landscapes, and areas for main services and Entertainment activities. Also there is an area of about 50 acres for the different sports clubs, as well as a social clubs to be easy for all the family to practice their hobbies and sports in the compound.

There is 20% of the total area for residential units, dividing it to be standalone villas, luxury apartments, besides penthouses. ORA developers worked hard on providing a wide range of different spaces at the best prices so that clients find everything they are looking for in the compound. As for the rest of the area, which amounted to 80% of the total area, it was the share of green spaces. In addition vast gardens that spread among artificial lakes throughout Zed East New Cairo for the owners to enjoy the picturesque nature and thus feel comfortable and psychological relaxation.

Design of Zed East Fifth Settlement

Where Zed East New Cairo is located

Choosing the staff of the engineers is one of the main concerns that the developer company, Ora Developers is working on. Which it is shown clearly in each detail in Zed East Fifth New Cairo Compound. Specially in the exterior decorations that have been don using the highest quality. To be weathering resistance, also to be against any natural factors those may harm the buildings. In addition to using the top-rated materials for finishing the interior decorations to suite different tastes of clients.

Following the international standards is one of the main goals the company is achieving during the executing each inch of the compound. So it will be a safe and private place for a huge segment of clients who are looking forward to live a sustainable life. Adding to all these the beautiful greenery and the different spaces of the water features. To be the view of all the residential units of Zed East Fifth Settlement Compound.

Services and Features of Zed East New Cairo

Adding a variety of services is one of the most attractive reasons to own your next residential unit in Zed East New Cairo. So Ora Developers put its different strategy to provide its clients with all they need all the time. Besides supporting all ages with entertainment and sporting activities to make it easy for them to practice their hobbies easily. Some of these facilities include the following:

  • Each building has a ground floor and seven upper floors.
  • Green spaces and trees with a large park on a huge area of 50 acres.
  • Water bodies in Zed East Fifth Settlement Compound.
  • Swimming pools of different shapes and sizes.
  • Private swimming pools for ladies.
  • A health club with a spa, sauna, and Jacuzzi on a huge area of about 50 acres.
  • There are various sports fields in the sports clubs.
  • A clubhouse with multiple activities as well as a safe kids’ area.
  • Fast-quality internet services are available in all the units of Zed East New Cairo.
  • A team for periodic maintenance, and also a team of cleaners.
  • Shopping mall with the largest international brands.
  • A special area for the largest restaurants and cafes.
  • Pharmacies and Medical centers and a group of private clinics.
  • Fire extinguishing system and fire alarm work in case of emergency.
  • Electronic elevators are in all buildings.
  • A huge hotel that also offers hotel services at the highest level.
  • Places for walking pets and also providing their food products.
  • Huge entertainment venues with multiple recreational games.
  • Places for holding parties, as well as halls for conferences and events.
  • There are places to practice yoga, and there is outdoor seating.
  • Beautiful salons for women, men, and children.
  • A team of security guards and security cameras.
  • The project consists of a group of buildings of different sizes.

What Are The Prices And Spaces of Zed East New Cairo Compound?

  • Residential apartment space starting from 137 m².
  • Loft space start from 218 m².
  • Duplex space start from 307 m².
  • Prices start at 9,877,000 EGP.


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What Are The Payment Plans and installments of Zed East New Cairo?

  • 5% Down Payment In installment Over 8 years, benefits free.

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