About 90 Avenue New Cairo Compound

90 Avenue New Cairo Compound gas has been launched recently in one of the best locations of the Fifth Settlement. As well as the owner company, Tabarak Developments could make it perfectly when it chose a huge land area to divide into two different parts, giving the smallest part to the residential buildings. Also, there are a variety of unit types, with different spaces so all clients will find their favorite unit without facing any obstacles. The other part has the largest space, which has been allocated for the green spaces that will be the view of all the units of 90 Avenue New Cairo Compound. Besides adding a variety of services and entertaining activities for different ages. All these and more were added to the perfect payment plan with 0 benefits.

Tabarak Developments is one of the largest leading real estate entities on Egyptian lands, with a wealth of experience for more than 35 years, during which it has succeeded in penetrating various areas of urbanization, such as high-end housing and commercial projects, ensuring that you achieve the greatest successes and investment returns, and this was not limited to the local level, but rather it achieved a unique imprint. In the Saudi territories, the company also has a portfolio of lands of more than 7 million square meters, during which it has established projects characterized by uniqueness and integration in all their construction stages, with the strongest construction quality due to its previous experience in the field of contracting, to ultimately bring comfort to its customers, which is keen to keep pace with international markets.

Prominent projects of Tabark Developments

Location of 90 Avenue New Cairo Compound

The developer company put a huge effort into choosing the perfect location to make it easy for residents to reach any destination without facing any obstacles, as the compound is located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement which is near the following:

  • International Airport is a short distance from 90 Avenue New Cairo.
  • Air Force Hospital is close to 90 avenue Fifth Settlement.
  • Cairo International Airport 10 minutes away from 90 Avenue New Cairo.
  • Many sporting clubs as Al Zohour Club.
  • Al Rehab City is about 2 minutes away from the compound.
  • American University is about 10 minutes away.
  • The New Administrative Capital is a short distance.

Area of 90 Avenue New Cairo

Tabarak Developments executed many different residential buildings in 90 Avenue  New Cairo Compound with the best qualities and attracting customers with the highest satisfaction rates is the successful selection of a vast land area that can accommodate all daily requirements for services and activities. Which saves them the effort of going out to get their needs. After a detailed study, chose a large plot of land whose area was approximately 50 acres.

The company also succeeded in achieving all the dreams of its customers through the ideal division. There are 82% for the landscape and the bright crystal lagoon with vast parks containing various activities. In addition to service areas that integrate all needs, and its facilities operate on the latest technologies. Global, making it easy for owners to obtain all their needs. The company also provided the remaining 18% of the area of the residential side, which includes various luxury units of apartments and duplexes with varying spaces, so it will be easy for everyone to find their dream house.

Designs of 90 Avenue Fifth Settlement Compound

90 Avenue Fifth Settlement

The greatest concerns that Tabarak Developments had during the construction journey of 90 Avenue Fifth Settlement Compound were based on designing it in a unique way that ensures comfort over time for the residents. In addition to their sense of distinction and sophistication, which was reflected in the choice of modern European design on which the residential units appear. It coordinates with the interior decoration and is characterized by the complete privacy of the compound’s design with wide streets.

I was also keen to design the compound in a way that facilitates your movement and obtaining all your needs in minutes without making any effort. It also interest in making this world-class edifice appear a charming salinity, inspiring a sense of psychological and mental purity to all of its residents over time, by making the green plants and rare flowers with the trees cut with great care blend in their colors with the artificial lakes with sparkling crystal water surrounding them, which permeate all areas and appear as a view.

Features and Services of 90 Avenue New Cairo

In 90 Avenue New Cairo, there are a variety of services that are going to help residents to meet their needs without having to get out of the compound. As well as Tabarak Developments put huge effort into making it easy for them to benefit from the area of the facilities and entertainment activities. In addition to the entertainment activities for different ages, the following:

  • Water bodies that reflect the beauty of green spaces.
  • Different sizes of swimming pools for all ages and ladies.
  • The fastest Internet services in all the units of 90 Avenue 5th Settlement.
  • Famous restaurants, also coffee shops with the highest qualities.
  • Electronic gates for more security in 90 Avenue Compound.
  • Extensive spaces for garages, also car care services.
  • Outdoor areas for events and all ceremonies.
  • Playgrounds, also stadiums for different sports.
  • Security team, besides CCTV cameras 24/7.
  • For Each bank there are more than ATMs in 90 Avenue New Cairo.
  • Commercial malls, as well as the famous brands’ stores.
  • Medical center, besides Pharmacies with 24/7 service.
  • Firefighting systems to detect fumes, besides the generators.
  • For handicapped there are all transportation facilities.
  • Meditation Area for yoga, besides relaxation area for quiet reading.
  • Cycling Lanes, in addition to tracks for walking in the compound.
  • Many Kids’ areas suiting different tastes provided with safety.
  • Gym, and spa services in the highest qualities in 90 Avenue Fifth Settlement.
  • Professional team for maintenance, besides the cleaning team.

What Are The Prices and Spaces of 90 Avenue New Cairo?

  • Residential apartments spaces start from 132 m².
  • Duplexes with space start from 234 m².
  • Penthouse space start from 173 m².
  • Prices starting at 11,268,651 EGP.


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What Are The Payment Plan and Installment Systems of 90 Avenue?

  •  10% Down Payment and The Installments Over 7 Years, Benefits-Free.

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